Last week, I started summer school. I'm currently taking gr 12 biology even though gr 12 was a long time ago. But I need it if I plan on this dental school idea and I find biology to be rather fascinating. Unfortunate thing is that it starts at 8am and I have to drive almost 45min, which means I've been getting up at 6:30am.

Every so often I get a craving for a breakfast sausage sandwich. It could be one from McDonalds or one from Tim Hortons. But I decided that it was ridiculous to be paying $4 every day for breakfast. I'm ok with buying coffee but the sandwich I decided to make my own.

Starts out with some Pilsbury Country Biscuits. I know that some of you may cringe but I haven't mastered the art of a biscuit yet and well, these take like 15 minutes. So for now, I will be taking the easy way. They turned out rather ok. Nice and golden.

Then we have some sausage rounds. "Ready in 10 minutes." I didn't really time them.

Now for the assembled product. I'm not the biggest fan of the egg. But I suppose that I can make the egg in the morning if I decide that it's an egg sort of day.

I made 6 sausage patties but there were 10 biscuits. I think I'll just have them with some raspberry jam. Yum! Btw, I also sampled one. Hence only 5 on the plate above.

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