you know what's gross???

Personally, I'm rather opposed to people going around the city in flip flops. It's not so much a fashion thing but more of a hygiene thing.
Due to the fact that in the past few days I have not been able to wear shoes because I did something to my toe, I had to venture into the city in my flip flops.
When I got home, the first thing I did was shower and the thing I learned today was that, it's really damn gross to watch the dirt and grim wash off.
Can you imagine the condition of people's feet after a long day of wandering in the city???
Now I know that Toronto isn't so bad in terms of cleaniness. But we are definitely not a very clean city and wearing flip flops in the city is really damn gross.
I was cleaner in the country for 3 days without showering than I was today in the city for a mere 6 hours.
Actually, you know what's grosser than dirty flip flop feet? Dirty flip flop feet with bandaid. I saw a lady on the subway that had a bandaid on her foot. Are you asking for gangrene???

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