The brown kitty hat that I put on Etsy is on its way to a loving home. I'm rather happy about the fact that people like my hats enough to give them loving homes and that my hours of knitting is not in vain.
I finished the sweeten pink hat and that is available at my Etsy store. I've started another hat in Japanese plum, lovely rich dark purple. That should be available for sale in a few days.
I'll probably start another hat after that but I also want to try some other patterns. We'll see what I end up deciding to do.
I've also been thinking about Christmas. I want to make something for my friends in Canada. I thought about making crocheted versions of them. I guess we'll see how much time I end up having.
I've also got plans to get myself a Gocco Print kit. People in my Swedish class have been commenting on the doodles I do. They think they're really cute. It would be nice if I can make cards with my doodles on them. I think other people will like them. I hope they do.

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