1st project in a long while

I've decided that I will start a new project when Fredrik comes back.

I've seen so many yummy sock patterns. Patterns like Eunny Jang's Bayerische Sock and Gabriella's Clessidra Stockings. I was thinking that I would give those cotton blend yarns a try. The socks that I knitted earlier this year are great and all but they're 100% wool. It was really nice soft yarn but they also made my feet really itchy. I am like Yarn Harlot's friend who simply cannot wear wool.

I've also been eyeing some mitten patterns. Hello Yarn has been knitting some REALLY nice looking mittens and have been posting pictures on her flickr. I would like to give the pattern she has in that set of photos or her Squirrel and Oak Mittens a try. With mittens, I can knit with a wool yarn but I can always line them with some nice soft fleece or flannel.

Maybe the mittens and the socks are a bit "ambitious" since I haven't knitted anything in over a month. Maybe I'll just start with something simple. Maybe I'll try Hello Yarn's Mushroom Pulse Warmers. They'll be a quick knit. These can be lined with fleece or flannel too. I would also like to try Anushka's Twisted Maiden Fingerless Gloves. These however would have to be knitted with a cotton blend yarn.

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