My first LYS in Stockholm

Yesterday I went to check out the STREET julmarknad. There were so many talented people there selling their beautiful works.

There was an outdoor bit.

STREET Julmarknad

Then there were more stands inside.

STREET Julmarknad

As you can see, there were quite a lot of people shopping. I got some sausages and cheese for Fredrik. I'm hoping that one day in the future I'll be able to have my own stand.

I checked out this LYS that was in the area, sticka & virka. It's a tiny little yarn store, probably the smallest I've ever been to. BUT don't let the size fool you. It was packed with so many lovely yarns.

There was this one yarn that I found most interesting. I don't recall the name of the yarn but I'll describe it. It's wool and comes in some rather splendid colours. However, the yarn is untwisted so it's very fragile. The lady in the store showed me this bag she made with the yarn. It was knitted then felted. It looked quite fantastic felted. I think it will also be great for beginners spinning.

I WAS going to check out Knit Lab but my friend called. We ended up going for coffee and pie.

Right now Ull sleeps on my lap while I watch Shakespeare in Love and my butt is slowly falling asleep.

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