lazy lazy lazy

Aside from the usual business of Christmas and new years, Fredrik and I got ourselves a Nintendo Wii for Christmas. It's rather addictive.

Not to mention the fact that right after Fredrik left for Australia, I came down with something awful. I was confined to the bed for the past couple of days with fever and serious tonsil pain. But I'm getting better now.

I cleaned up the flat today 'cause I had been neglecting it for the time Fredrik was home. I finally got all the dirty laundry off the floor and vacuumed the place. Ull's been a little walking lint magnet. But he's been a total darling during my time of need for rest. He's napping right now.

I got into playing Super Paper Mario and I haven't really don't much that is productive but what the hell, I'm still sick and what else is there to do other than watch TV and play video games when you're sick? I hope to resume the crafting as soon as Fredrik gets back from Australia. I might even start next week depending on how I feel. I hope I get better soon.

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