I knew of this fabulous website a while back but I kind of forgot about it until I read about it in my spring issue of Interweave Knits.

So the web address is www.ravelry.com

"What is so special about this??" you might ask.


It's like a virtual notebook for your knitting and crocheting needs. I don't know about you but I live mostly on my computer and I do have a notebook that I keep information about the yarns and needles that I have but at the present moment I think that notebook is in Canada. Well that's no good to me now is it? I'm living in Sweden and it's a 10+ hour flight to Toronto to get it. Well now when I forget my notebook for knitting/crocheting, I can just log on for stuff like my list of needles and hooks.

There's also a section for "queuing" your future projects. Sometimes I see a pattern that I would like to knit/crochet as soon as I'm finished with the current one but over the time it takes me to finish the project, I've forgotten about where the pattern is from and what it looks like. Now I can keep my plans in track.

I love this site. At the present moment there's a queue to be a member of ravelry but the wait is really short. I just had to wait a couple of days for the invite.

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