164 x 26

The problem with knitting something big and grand is that there are a lot of mundane parts. As exciting as even a cable may be or a colour way, it does get super boring after a while. I would take a break from the knitting but I don't want to get so distracted that I don't end up going back to the project. Maybe I'll wind up the new skein for the Hexacomb cardigan.

Speaking of winding yarn, I was thinking about getting myself a yarn winder. Buying a yarn winder would also mean I would need a swift. The combination purchase of the two does total to almost $100. Then I start wondering if I wind enough yarn to justify such a purchase. This might be gloating but I do wind a mighty good yarn by hand. I guess if I ever plan to knit myself a dress and need to wind a butt load of yarn, I'll reconsider the idea of a yarn winder and swift.

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