finally some time

Today was the last day at the day care. For the next couple of weeks, I plan on taking it easy. I currently have no work and no school.

The dress for Natalie is coming along quite nicely. I've just finished the first bit of contrast colour. It's a fairly fine yarn so progress is slow. I've also been careful to not knit too maniacally. Taking breaks for playing with Ull and doing other things. But I am a bit sore on my right side. I'm going to start practising yoga regularly again and hopefully that will relieve some stress.

Here are a couple progress pics for the dress.

second colour

first bit finished

I'm also finished the body portion of the Hexacomb Cardigan. I've started on the first sleeve but I need to wind the new skein.

first sleeve

completed body

All that's left from the first skein.
tiny ball

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