been busy but now there is time

With school and Yule, it's been a busy month.

I finally got some time and some will to do something creative. I've been painting like a mad man in the last couple of days. Fredrik was in Germany and I was feeling especially anti social.

This attempt to do some painting didn't get Ull's attention like last time. He tried to eat my brush, drink the brush water and lick the water colour blocks. Guess having Milo around distracted him from what I might be up to.


I saw this really nice and cute calendar by a Swedish artist, Sara Elgeholm at the sci-fi book store in Gamla Stan. I wanted to buy it but then I thought, why not make my own.

So I pulled out my water colours and folded some A4 paper to assemble my own calendar.

Obviously it was not the greatest idea to use water colour on regular paper.

Here are the first 6 months:


Anonymous said...

Hi, good idea to make your own calendar, really nice and cute!
/Sara Elgeholm

souvenir kattunge said...

Thanks Sara. I like your calendar too.