goddamn it...

Unfortunate I went into Ruti's Needlebed today.
Why is that "unfortunate"? Well... I ended up with $20 less in my wallet.
I got a set of 5mm double-pointed needles, (Personally I find double-pointed needles to be more versital than circular.) Patons "Create your own pullover" booklet, and a copy of KnitScene.

I've been trying to find myself a nice fitted (but not too fitted) sweater with a plan ol' crew neck. There are some really nice patterns out there but I just don't like the necklines. Anything sort of scooping or v-neck is really crappy for winter. It just lets the air go right down your shirt.

Anyways. I'm looking forward to knitting my first pullover. I've been wanting to knit a red/black stripped one but right now I might go for a plain black one. There were a few patterns that I found rather appealing in the Knitty archieves.

I've also somewhat fixed the over saggage in my backpack. I think I'll knit another one. I thought about making some changes to the backpack and making it a messenger bag. We'll just have to wait and see...

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