Fresh Meatballs

After some tweaking and reforming, the meatballs turned out alright. Fredrik thinks they taste great. Sometimes I'm a bit skeptical about his compliments on my cooking. (Paranoia set in place by an ex-boyfriend who told me that the pasta I made was gross. How rude.)

Obviously I made more than we can consume in one meal. I halved the recipe from scandinaviancooking.com and it made enough 1 teaspoon meatballs to feed a small party as hors d’Ĺ“uvres.

Getting ready for the freezer

So I bagged them in groups of 10 and popped them in the freezer for later consumption.

Souvenir of Meat

Fredrik was in Italy for a show on Saturday. I jokingly asked him to bring me back a souvenir of meat. He came home with 2 salami and some prosciutto. He's awesome like that.

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Keks said...

oh, i spend some ours to read your blog and then i realized, that your boyfriend plays drums for "Amon Amarth". they´re really big in germany, where i come from. so also excuse my crappy englisch *g*.
i really enjoyd reading your blog - you are very talented! so keep up the good work! (i´m also a craft addicted metalhead)