My mom's daughter...

I grew up eating my mom's dumplings. I'm very particular about the dumplings I eat. I don't eat store bought and I don't eat restaurant made. Only my mom's or my grandmother's will do.

The Chinese call it "Jiaozi", the Japanese call theirs "Gyoza" and the Koreans call theirs "Mandu". Ultimately they're meat and veggies wrapped in a thin dough. Sometimes it's pan fried (pot stickers), sometimes it's cooked in soup, and sometimes it's steamed. For more info, read about it on Wikipedia.

Fredrik and I experimented with making dumplings on Tuesday night. The result was delicious and left me feeling fuzzy inside. Now I have my own dumplings and I must say, I'm rather proud of myself. It's not as mastered as my mother's or my grandmothers but I think it'll get better.

The cooked dumplings

More photos on flickr with descriptions.

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