what to make...

Fredrik left on Sunday for the US. It is time again for me to fend for myself. At least now I have Ull to keep me company. He also makes me look less insane when I start talking to myself. I can at least pretend to be talking to him.

I guess my break from making is over. But at the present moment I have no idea what I want to make. I can sew some more or knit some more. I really should finish Stella's hat.

There is an order for another set of kitty charms but I am waiting for the buyer to tell me which 3 kitty charms they want. People seem to miss/forget to read the part about telling me which 3 kitty charms they want. Oh well.

I was also thinking that I might buy a Print Gocco kit. Although, I just bought myself a new iPod. I feel bad about spending so much money already. Maybe I'll wait a bit before I buy the Print Gocco kit. I haven't been particularly creative lately and don't think I'll come up with something in time for something like cute cards and whatnot before Christmas.

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