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I haven't been doing very much lately. It's very hard to accomplish much when there's a curious kitten going, "what's this? I'm gonna eat this!" all the time. I've only been fulfilling any orders that come through on Etsy.

I attempted to practice some watercolour techniques the other day and I ended up spending most of the time trying to keep Ull from drinking the dirty water. So I think Fredrik's Christmas present will have to be done after he comes back from the US when he can distract Ull and I get a moment to do what I need to do.

After reading so much about how you should be careful about what you let your kitten play with, I'm a bit nervous to sew anything in case Ull eats a needle when I blink or look away.
But right now he sleeps so I've got a moment to sew up some charms.

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