No Print Gocco after all.

Last night I watched a video demonstration of the Print Gocco. It kind of made my decision on getting a Print Gocco kit. I will not be getting one after all. I like how easy it is to use but there are many factors about it that make me say, "nej tack."

For example:
  • Flash bulbs are single use. You throw them out afterwards. I know I'm not the most eco conscious person but enough to not be too keen on the idea of chucking the bulbs after 1 use.
  • Screens are essentially single use. I know that there is a method of saving and reusing the screen but because the frame is made of cardboard; the screens are really not meant to be washed and reused like the traditional screens with wooden frames.
  • Screens being single use only, I would have to do all my prints in 1 go. Knowing my ability to stray from my projects mid way. It cannot be a good thing.
  • It's expensive. Unfortunately there are no European suppliers which means I have to buy it and any supplies from the internet. Most sellers are in Japan and the price of the unit and shipping is a bit much.
Despite the fact that I won't be getting a Print Gocco, it does not mean that I am giving up on my screen printing ventures. Makezine has a GREAT tutorial for easy screen printing.

There is also a tutorial for making your own screens at Instructables.

I'll use the money intended for a Print Gocco kit to make myself a UV light box for exposing the screens.

I also found this tutorial for making your own "Print Faux-co."

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Forest said...

Thank you your post was very helpful! I'm trying to find a table top printing option.