They're done!

I finished the mittens today. I must say that they turned out quite nicely. It just needs to be washed and blocked. I tried my best not to knit like a maniac but I can't say that my hands and arms are not sore. I should probably take a break but I've got new ideas for another pair of mittens.

I'll be outfitting these mittens with a flannel lining. But that will require a sewing machine. I'll do that when I go back to Canada for a visit. I want to get a sewing machine except that it's not really THAT high up on my list of priorities. Fredrik has offered a few times but we need more important things like a new vacuum cleaner and we just got a dishwasher in the last month.

Anyways. Here's what they look like.

Hello Yarn Squirrel & Oak Mittens

Hello Yarn Squirrel & Oak Mittens

I made some changes to Hello Yarn's pattern. I didn't think the location of the right thumb should be so far into the mitten. There's a 3 stitch difference. So I relocated the thumb. I also didn't follow the thumb chart. I knitted it so it matches the pattern of the rest of the mitten. It's also slightly shorter because I have small thumbs.

The best thing about knitting your own mittens is that you can adjust it to fit your hands. Most mittens and gloves I've purchased always has thumbs that are too big for my own. There's usually about 1/2 inch of mitten left unfilled. It then causes problems with thumb functions because there's that flappy bit of mitten.

There are some progress shots available for viewing on my flickr.

These are the 3rd pair of mittens, I've knitted.

My first pair of mittens were made from Blue Sky Alpacas' Bulky Naturals. They made my hands itchy and were unfortunately lost in NYC when I went there with Fredrik. I do believe they fell out of my pockets in the cab. My second pair were ones I knitted for Noel. It was my gift to him for his birthday. They were in this lovely bulky blue yarn flecked with other colours.

I'm also thinking about creating my own mitten pattern. I've got some great ideas. Just need to get it down on paper.

I was thinking about knitting mittens for my friends. I want to knit more mittens but don't really have use for 10 pairs of mittens. I'm sure they'd appreciate it even if they are my prototypes.

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