Learning Something New

I've always knitted the traditional "throw" method. The problem with knitting with 1 method is that my right hand and arm does all the work so after a decent sized project, I've got a sore right side.

I didn't know that you can knit with your left hand until I saw Denise do it.

After knitting these mittens, I've got the itch to knit more but I'm in quite a bit of pain. So I've decided to learn how to knit with the other hand. Apparently this method is called the "continental" method.

There's a fantastic video on youtube teaching people how to knit with the continental method. Not only does the lady teach you how to knit, she also demonstrates how to purl and do ribs.

It takes a little getting used to but I'm sure with practice, it'll become easy as pie.

I would like to knit some more mittens but I think I should take a bit of a break. Maybe just swatches for the next few days.

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