how quickly life goes into action

I honestly have not had the time to do anything creative in the past 2 weeks.

You see, I got myself a job. I'm currently working at a daycare and it really drains the life out of me even if I am working part time. I started a couple weeks ago so at the present moment I'm still in the adjusting phase.

Exams have also started this week, so that takes up the remaining time I have. I did the oral exam last week and the grammar exam on Saturday. 2 more exams left and then I'm free from school until September... I think.

I've also been feeling a bit rut-ish. I would like to make something but I just don't feel very inspired. Hopefully when I'm back in Canada, I'll be able to get the Euroflax and start on the dress for my cousin.

I suppose I am not completely being uncreative because I do have to think of things for the kids to do. We have these themes for the kids to learn and currently our theme is India. It sounds like it would be loads of fun but it's hard to think of activities who aren't even allowed to paint with paint brushes!

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