Marias garn

Yesteryday I decided to take a stroll from Mariatorget to Slussen. There are many places in Stockholm that I have yet to explore. On St:Paulsgatan is a lovely little LYS called Marias garn (translates to Maria's yarn). They carry an assortment of their own yarns and a few brands but I don't really recall any of the big names. Unfortunately yesterday was really hot and since it's not really common to have air conditioning in Sweden, it was really really warm inside the shop. Makes sense since the walls are lined with shelves of yarn.


This shop is filled with an assortment of yarns made from an assortment of materials. The colour selection is fabulous and from the conversation I overheard, the staff is quite knowledgeable. They also have an assortment of already knitted pieces (sweaters and shawls and so forth) so you can touch and see the results of the yarns they have.

It kind of made me miss Lettuce Knit in Kensington back home. How I love that shop.

I couldn't resist temptations, so I bought a 200g hunk of cotton yarn. The plans are to knit some sort of tank top with it. It looks quite fabulous. Here's hoping that it will turn out as great as I imagine it.

cotton from Marias garn

They use paper "sandwich" bags for purchases, which I think is pretty cute.

I informed my mom of my plans to knit my cousin a dress from the Interweave Knits spring issue. She informed me that my cousin is 5 now. So now I will have to knit this dress in about 1 years time. But I think it can still be done.

I'm gonna go make myself a swatch out of the cotton I bought.

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