at 1:29pm of november 08, 2006
i swear that i will not purchase any more yarn/knitting related items until the new year... unless it's necessary for someone's project where they will pay you for materials and labour...
damn it! i will follow this through!

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├╝bercherry said...

hi there!

3 things to tell you:

#1 - welcome to the etsy sellers blog ring! :)

#2 - if you ever need another knitting buddy, let me know. i live in oakville and long for some local knitting partners-in-crime....heh heh heh

#3 - best of luck with the no yarn buying thing....i say that to myself allll the time, and then go and do silly things like dropping $80 on hand-spun/hand-dyed loveliness just cuz i *want* to knit with it soooo bad, lol.